Starbucks Partner Hours Schedule: A Comprehensive Guide

There are several benefits of working at Starbucks. You not only save money on those delightful coffees, but you also get to work with a group of people who are enthusiastic about coffee.

Comprehending and managing your work schedule is essential to having a satisfying and fulfilling experience as a valued partner at Starbucks.

Starbucks developed a system known as the partner hours schedule to plan and distribute the work hours for its employees. 

It is a thorough timetable that specifies the exact beginning and ending times of each partner’s shifts. 

The Starbucks work schedule is a method in which employees are assigned shifts depending on their availability and the needs of the store.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of checking your Starbucks work schedule so that you are constantly aware of when and where you will be working.

Starbucks work schedule

How Do I View My Starbucks Partner Schedule?

If you are a current employee, the best way to view your Starbucks partner schedule is to log in to the partner website. 

Or simply use your smartphone or an appropriate QR code reader app to scan the QR code displayed at the store or provided through digital communication channels to access your Starbucks partner hours

You will have direct access to the specifics of your schedule.

But if you are not a current employee of Starbucks, you can check the schedules for specific stores by using the store locator on the website and choosing the ‘View Store Details’ link for a particular store. 

From there, choose the “Store Hours” option to examine the store’s operating hours and associated employee requirements.

Starbucks Partner Schedule App

There’s also another method to check your work schedule.

  • Through the TeamWorks app, Starbucks has made it simple for its staff to check their schedules online.
  • Starbucks manages its employees’ schedules using the TeamWorks app, a cloud-based attendance management tool.

In general, the Starbucks work schedule is a crucial tool for staff members to remain organized and make future plans. Employees can simply check their work schedule and make modifications as needed using the TeamWorks app.

  • Both iPhone and Android smartphones can run this app. The app is free of cost and simple to use.

You may check your shift notes, access your work schedule, and request time off using the Starbucks Teamworks app. The app also allows you to access store information and news, communicate with coworkers, and locate neighbouring stores.

schedule with TeamWorks

How to check your schedule with TeamWorks?

Here are simple steps to check your schedule via TeamWorks:

  • Download the app and sign up using your Starbucks partner number.
  • Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab after logging in.
  • You’ll find a list of your forthcoming shifts here. By selecting the ‘History’ option, you can also see previous schedules.
  • To view what is available if you need to swap or pick up a shift, hit the “Open Shifts” tab.
  • Tap the “Request Shift Change” option and follow the prompts to request a change to your schedule.

Can I check my work schedule on the Starbucks app?

You have two options for viewing your upcoming work schedule if you’re a Starbucks partner (employee):

  1. The Partner Hub 
  2. The Starbucks app

This is how it’s done:

Partner Hub 

  1. Visit the Starbucks Hub website
  2. Enter your Starbucks login information.
  3. Select “Sign In.” 
  4. Click on “Schedules” and then “My Schedules.” If you don’t see “Schedules,” contact the store manager to see whether they have given you access to this tool.
  5. After selecting the desired week, click “Display Schedule.”
  6. Hover over it and select “View Details” to learn more information about your shift.

Starbucks App: 

  1. Open the Starbucks app on your device.
  2. Navigate to “Menu” > “My Info.” In order to locate this section, scroll below. If you don’t see “My Info,” ask the shop manager whether they’ve given you permission to use this app function.
  3. After providing your Starbucks username and password, click “Sign In.”

How can I update the availability on my Starbucks partner schedule?

  • By connecting to the Starbucks intranet portal, you can update the scheduling system with your current availability. 
  • Your nine-digit Starbucks Partner Number serves as your user ID.
  • After logging in, go to the “Schedule” area of the main menu and select the “Update Availability” link. 
  • On the next screen, choose the week you want to update before selecting the days and times you can work. 
  • Before leaving the page, be careful to save your modifications.

Knowing about your benefits and payments

  • Starbucks provides its workers with a number of perks, such as paid time off and education.
  • As a Starbucks employee, scheduling is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Using the TeamWorks app, you can check your employee benefits schedule.
  • You can check your paycheck statements on the app as well, which might make it easier for you to keep track of your income.
  • You can quickly request time off or shift changes using the TeamWorks app, examine your previous schedules, and monitor your benefits and pay statements.

How Can I Check My Starbucks Sick Hours?

Using Starbucks My Portal Info (MPI), employees may access their personal data online, including their schedules, pay stubs, and perks. Employee sick days are also recorded by MPI.

Here’s how you can check for sick hours:

  • Use your Starbucks partner number and password to log in to MPI.
  • Go to the ‘Time Off’ tab.
  • You may view a list of all of the days you weren’t available, as well as the number of hours you still have left on the ‘Accruals & History’ page.

It’s crucial to keep track of your sick leave hours so that you don’t wind up taking an excessive amount of time off. Always check MPI or ask your manager if you’re ever unclear about how many hours you have left.

What More Information Is Given in My Portal Information (MPI)?

MPI maintains track of your vacation and holiday hours in addition to your sick time. By selecting the ‘Time Off ‘ tab and then the ‘Vacation & Holidays’ page, you can access this data.

Tax forms and pay stubs are also accessible through MPI. To access these, pick the ‘Pay Statements & Taxes’ page from the ‘Pay & Taxes’ menu. You can view and print your pay stubs as well as any necessary tax forms here.

You can also change your personal information with MPI, including your address, phone number, and emergency contacts. In order to do this, select the ‘Personal Information’ option and make the appropriate adjustments. When done, be sure to click “Save.”

Employees should make use of MPI since it offers a lot of information in a single place. Always check MPI first if you ever have any queries concerning your schedule, payment, or perks.

Checking out previous Starbucks Schedules

  • To make sure that you are being paid fairly, it is crucial to maintain track of your previous schedules. Using the TeamWorks app, you can view your previous schedules. 
  • You can look at your schedules from the last 90 days using the app.
  • You can alert your manager to any inconsistencies in your salary if you find any.


Checking your Starbucks partner schedule is a quick and straightforward procedure that may assist you in staying organized and on track for your forthcoming shifts. The ‘TeamWorks’ app’s accessibility has made it even easier for you to manage your shift hours with a few simple clicks.

Knowing your working hours helps to avoid scheduling conflicts with other commitments or personal activities and ensures that you adhere to business standards. 

Checking your Starbucks work schedule on a regular basis will be helpful whether you are a newbie or have been a member of the team for a while.

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